• Our Stunning Bride from the States

    Our gorgeous bride from the States wearing a custom made Vasim Asghar Bridal dress. Doesn't she look Perfect Masha Allah!!
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  • Asian Designers Eid Shopping Evening

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  • Re-Visiting: Asian Designers in a Nutshell!

    What can be more appealing to a prospective shopper of South Asian clothing in the UK, than finding authentic Pakistani designers clothes latest with the trends, a strictly NO replica policy, utterly affordable; as in SO affordable that they are sold at the same price they sell in Pakistan, exclusive designers who are only available via Asian Designers website, outfits that are readily available to buy and practically at your doorstep on the next working day, quality that is not compromised despite the lower prices AND almost every outfit sold is a couture piece! Sounds too good to be true right?

    Well, Asian Designers has nailed it! It created an online multibrand store for the Asian brands who are well-established in their countries of origin but have not yet made it to the UK. It then decided to tackle the biggest ever deterrent to most people shopping for a designer piece; the PRICE!
    When you hear designer piece which is couture, one-off, naturally your instant instinct will say "here's a bigggg whole about to penetrate straight through my pocket!". That's where I decided to say 'No' to having to pay over the odds for a piece that is SO unique, its just yours.
    I made sure I ticked all my boxes to bring something fresh, innovative, affordable and attractive to the South Asian market. It may be a clichéd statement but I genuinely believe that in terms of style, variations and versatility, Asian Designers has it all from the smart casual, party and pret wear to the semi-formals and formal wear and its not long before bridals are also on the list! AD wants everyone to look good for less.
    I also make sure that as my designers' ranges grow, their designs do not overlap in styles so its fair on all the lovely people I work with. I dedicate a huge chunk of my day to be at the end of the phone so there is direct interaction with the customer as I know how e-commerce shopping is perceived as within the Asian market; a customer who feels apprehensive about shopping online due to bad experiences in the past or first ever online shopping or sizing issues that went wrong or items that are non-refundable etc etc, the list could go on!
    Rest assured my customer feedback is vital to my business and thankfully its all on display through my website www.asiandesigners.co.uk.  Another worthy piece of news that I would like to share is that, AD is able to provide a middle-man service between you as a bride looking for a specific designer outfit from Pakistan, so I would shop around on your behalf and yet charge you the same price that you would be charged if you were to directly buy that outfit from the designer. In return though you will have piece of mind that your outfit will be delivered to your specification, size, colour etc by a reliable, well-established source in the UK. So say goodbye to the nerve-wrecking experience of having to pay your money overseas to someone that you don't even know!

    In short, AD's key points are  designs originality, price, one-off pieces, availability, reliability and ofcourse last but not the least, integrity and professionalism seals this perfect package!

    With Love,
    Marwa x

    PS: If you would like to come and meet me in person and admire our perfect package, you can find me at the following upcoming events. :)

    - Masquerade Ball on the 21st of Feb at Porchester Hall London (purchase tickets here )

    - Saverah Women Expo on the 15th of March at the DeVere Hotel Canary Wharf (purchase tickets here)

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  • Its all about Maria Rao, the Fashion Designer, today!

    I, finally, had the pleasure of meeting Maria on a professional level. Maria was actually my junior at school back in Pakistan when I lived there. We've always known each other but I never knew her on a personal or professional level as I do now.
    What an inspirational young woman she is and her designs clearly speak on her behalf. Shes always had a flare for designing clothes all the way from a very young age of 11!
    Shes a self taught, self-made, young very successful entrepreneur and best of all, shes as pleasant as a lovely summer's breeze on a very hot day!
    Maria's first ever clothing exhibition was at the age of 16 and what a turning point it was for her career. There was no going back for her! She invested all her time, money and efforts into her flourishing passion alongside her education which was never put on hold!
    I guess that is where I see a hardworking, self-made entrepreneur..
    Today, she has ten plus people working for her; from an assistant to embroiderers and tailors to even an accountant and best of all I got to see them live in action.
    My visit to Karachi in December held so much importance to me as I scheduled in my visits with each of my designers. I don't just do business with them but I develop a friendship too and its a hundred times easier when the people I work with are genuinely nice; it makes my job just the best!

    So after a few frustrating moments with the driver, the traffic and the directions, me and my sister finally made it to Maria's workshop tucked away in quite a central, commercial location. We were given a very warm welcome and were offered the best 'kadak' chai ever (Pakistani authentic cooked tea)!!
    Not only did I thoroughly enjoy my tea but I was also ecstatic to hand pick Maria's next collection for Asian Designers from a wide variety of gorgeous contemporary Eastern clothing. Maria's designs are very unique to her; she likes to keep the Eastern touch in her embellishments but ensures that the Western touch is incorporated in her cuts too.

    Maria's designs are brought to reality in this workshop; here are the tailors' heads down and just getting on with it!

    The embroiderer on the left really fascinated me; he has so many little embellishments, diamante`, myriad threads etc to deal with yet gives a fantastically clean finish to each and every outfit designed by Maria!
    The picture on the right is the Ironing room where the outfit is quality checked and ironed ready to be sold.

    Here I am with the lovely, gorgeous Maria and yes that's some of her collection behind me!
    If you haven't already checked out Maria's collection on our website, make sure you do now :)
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  • Marwa Visits Agha Noor in Karachi

    This year, I mean , last year now (December 2014), I decided to pack my suitcases and whizz off to my family home in Karachi to visit my dear mum and dad. Ofcourse, the trip would've been utterly incomplete without paying a visit to one of Asian Designers very successful designer's new store, Agha Noor, at Dolmen Mall.

    I visited the store on several occasions; to meet Hira (CEO of Agha Noor), to order the new collection and to collect it too. During my back and forth visits, I noticed a trend in how Agha Noor's store was. It was busy! Whether it was in the afternoon, evening or even at night! The store was heaving at all times and most of the time the racks had been emptied in the evening by hungry customers' shopping during the day or I'd see customers literally snatching kurtas out of each others hands! Blimey, talk about serious buyers!

    To add substance to my above stated comments, here are the evidences:

    The shop itself is simple in white and gold, modern and very spacious making it a pleasant place to walk around with massive, comfy, cushioned sofas in the middle for people who tag along shoppers but aren't actually shopping! Like bored kids or elderly people..

    Whats New at Agha Noor?

    Agha Noor have extended their 'just selling' kurtas  policy to now selling pencil trousers in various colours and sizes (coming soon to AD), matching lace/net shawls, two-piece outfits (kurtis and trousers as a set) and even three-piece suits (all coming to AD very soon!)

    Shopping for new stock!!

    If you haven't already checked out Agha Noor's collection on our website, make sure you do now :)
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